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Hello, I’m Dalya!  Umm so…. I have always been

somewhat of a free spirit & follow your heart kind of

gal. Truly believe that we are all students of this thing

called life. My happiness comes from connecting with

nature, observing life’s beauty and passion to create.

When I am not behind the camera, I tend to seek out

adventure to fulfill my adrenaline ego or on the greens

nourishing my enthusiasm for the game of golf. 

Oh, and might I add… I am a mother of 4 to what has got to

be my best creations of art thus far !!!


Originally from NY/NJ metropolitan area, I worked & lived in one of the fast-paced capitals of corporate America.  Then in 2001, I left city life and woke up in sunny South Florida, got married and started a family.  A few years later, life threw me for a loop or instead should I say a rude awakening.  The end of my marriage left me starting at ground zero but, had also become the catalyst for freeing the person I had held back for so long.  And so….

Photography came to me at a time when I needed it most, it was like walking right into what I was designed to do.  Not knowing exactly where this ride would take me, I went after it with vigor, because that is who I am.  It had me constantly thinking, growing, and it made me feel so alive.  While the camera was my tool to express and create bits & pieces of my life story, it was also my outlet to tell the world a bit about who Dalya is.  My story, from my perspective, from my journey and all that life has taught me along the way.  Photography to me has never just been about what we see but how we view life and how the complexities of this world make us feel. Taking in all the bad, good, and the ugly and creating something with purpose & beauty.  I am a feeler, so my photography is personal.  While it’s a collection of different moments, lights, and feelings – you’ll find pieces of my heart as well.

For me, it is about the experience.  My galleries are about stories, it is not just a picture.  I bring joy, zeal, and creativity to what I do.  There is an addiction to perfection and a desire to create that tugs at me daily and, SO MANY THINGS I have yet to do.

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